New Planet Tone Products for Fall 2017

Planet Tone continues to grow at alarming rates and our product line will be no different. In 2017 we plan to introduce the following:

  1. Stacked Single Coils
  2. Rail Single Coils & Humbuckers
  3. Custom Shop Original ’51 Bridge for Tele®
  4. Elite Humbucker Line

Stacked Single Coils

We’ve been pushed by Frank Marino and many others to produce a hum cancelling, true noiseless single coil. Well in the fall of 2017 we will finally introduce our first line of stacked single coils. While they operate like a humbucker, the magnetic field is the same as a true single coil giving it that beautiful single coil tone. We’ll introduce classic, pro, plus and hot models with varying outputs.

Rail Single Coils & Humbuckers

These will be available from the custom shop only and on a limited basis as we experiment and dial in our perfect recipe for these models. We’ve had many requests for rails and we look forward to developing a warm, punchy yet beefy and responsive rail pickup for both single coil and humbucker configurations.

Custom Shop ’51 Original Bridge for Tele®

Back when Leo Fender was developing the Esquire, Broadcaster and Telecaster models, he first developed a moderately powerful bridge pickup. The pickup had outputs of about 9k or so. However, about 5 years ago, a friend of ours brought his original ’51 into the shop. We measured the output and it was close to 10k, just under, but really close! Our ’51 Original promises to a faithful reproduction of this cherished pickup! Lots of power, very humbucker like, but with that mean Tele® twang and bark. Not thin, like many models but full and a mean dirty beast!

Elite Humbucker Series

Just like our Elite Pro for Strat®, our Elite humbucker series promises to yield incredible warm professional tone with a distinguished edge. The tone will be bold, sublime and have a biting edge that is powerful and tastefully luscious. Like our stacked line, we will introduce Classic (8.5k), Pro (10.5k), Plus (12k) and Hot (15k) models and customers will have the option to personally choose between Alnico II, III, IV or V magnets for their own custom professional tone. This gives customers to customize their sustain to drive ratio, optimizing the tone to their personal tastes.

Look for Planet Tone to continue to drive the pickup market in quality, affordability, ingenuity and most of all, the best professional tone. Period.

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