The Sanctorum Humbucker: Tonal Domination

Designed to provide shredders with articulation and power, the Sanctorum has quickly become a favorite amongst musicians from all types of genres. It is an extremely versatile pickup offering dynamics, a lush top end, punchy bottom end with a good mid-range boost.

The pickup, or a variation of it, is used by a lot of shredders on the Planet Tone roster. Players like Dan Mumm, Steve Stine, Steve Cone, Danny Vash, Johnny Compton and Phoenix van der Weyden all use this pickup. We have received comments like, “best pickup”, “very warm but powerful”, and “extremely dynamic”.

We made a custom set for Steve Stine, who was kind enough to provide us with this demo video. As you can see, the tonal dynamics really shine through with clarity and the ability to articulate notes with precision.




Named by Greeson Custom Guitars, the Sanctorum is made with Alnico V magnets and uses double Allen pole pieces to accentuate the top end. This brings out clarity and definition in each note played. Whether you are playing a lead, rhythm or melodic creation, the Sanctorum pickups provide the professional tone quality players desire.

The neck pickup has an output of approximately 9k which allows players to obtain a thicker and chunkier tone without being muddy or bottom end heavy. The bridge pickup is wound to 14k and is considered to be the meat of the setup. At full volume, it possesses power and articulation, back the volume off a little and it’s wonderfully warm and perfect for rhythm work.

You can purchase the Sanctorum in a variety of bobbin colors including black, white, cream, blue, pink and red. To purchase the Sanctorum, click here.

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