Planet Tone Welcomes Jasio Kulakowski

Planet Tone is thrilled to welcome Jasio Kulakowski to our family of artists. Jasio is the force behind the lead work for heavy hitting Kobra and the Lotus (KATL). He is well known for his powerful rhythms and screaming lead work. It is not a secret that a fair portion of KATL’s success is due to the mastery of Jasio’s guitar work.

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With the release of KATL’s Prevail II about 2 months away, we were fortunate enough to send Jasio a set of custom spec’d PAF-style humbuckers. He wanted something that had the growl and finesse of an original PAF. Something that would allow him to infuse the tonal structure and shape he desired. The thought was you can always add to the mix – it’s hard to take out what’s already in there. If a pickups are rich in mids, its hard to take that out. So knowing the sound of and tendencies of KATL and Jasio’s playing we constructed something real special.

We ended up with humbuckers made with Alnico II magnets, Plain Enamel wire and outputs of about 8.3k at the neck and 8.8k at the bridge. We wanted to give him a pinch of push in the bridge position while retaining a near PAF-like tone. The result was incredible. Jasio was kind to make the video at the end of this article.

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Jasio at NAMM at the Caparison Guitar booth, NAMM 2018

We are really looking forward to Jasio’s guitar work on Prevail II. His work on High Priestess and Prevail I is remarkable. For metal fans, you’ll find both traditional and prog styles. The mixture of the two elements has been great and refreshing. In addition, Jasio has done wonderful holding down the helm at the guitar position. While KATL can easily be a two guitar band and often has been, Jasio has no issues taking over and going solo. We highly encourage you to catch them on tour this Spring!

If you are not familiar with Jasio and his work, we encourage you to check out his YouTube channel ( You can also hear some incredible metal from Kobra and the Lotus here (

Special Thanks to Dana Zuk for the spectacular feature photo.

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