Southern Heritage: The Blues & Rock Humbucker

Southern Rock has captivated the hearts of guitar fans everywhere. It’s the clashing of three passionate components – rock, blues and the South. If you are a fan of Southern Rock, names like Duane Allman, Warren Haynes, Dickey Betts and Derek Trucks – just to name a few – are something special. Not only are musicians like these cherished for their talents but their incredible warm guitar tones too!

Duane “Skydog” Allman in action! Photo: John Gellman/Courtesy of the artist

Planet Tone gives tribute to both that genre of music and those musicians with the creation of our Southern Heritage Humbucker. Our goal was to create a pickup that would not only give tribute to these musicians but provide something they would actually play too! A professional pickup that was very warm, had that sparkle for luscious rhythm work or screaming leads yet punchy and tight to give clarity and articulation. In addition, the pickup had to provide enough drive to cut through the mix of larger Southern Rock ensembles.

Southern Heritage Humbucker are $59.95 for Neck or Bridge and come in a variety of colors.

The Southern Heritage Humbucker was designed to keep that vintage feel yet deliver a touch of modern drive too. In order to do so, we keep the outputs at vintage levels and substituted the usual Alnico II for and more robust Alnico V magnet. The result is the best of both worlds! A driving vintage humbucker!

When you listen to the Southern Heritage, the first thing you’ll notice is the warm dynamics. As you play chords, each not rings through perfectly clear lending to extremely vibrant rhythm play. However, this clarity does not disappear when gain or overdrive is added. The clarity is retained while delivering an amazingly creamy vintage tone.  The neck offers that perfect thick “woman tone”. It is very warm and clear. The bridge is nice and vintage feeling. Punchy with a nice growling lead and rock tone.

The Southern Heritage is our tribute to greats like Allman, Haynes and Trucks.

Just like all Planet Tone pickups, they are open sounding and never compressed. There is an amazing transparency providing no colorization to the guitarist’s tone. This gives a beautiful and vibrant dynamic tone to the player.

Here are the specs:

  • Alnico V magnet
  • Neck output: 8.0k
  • Bridge output: 9.0k
  • Enamel Wire
  • Vintage or 4 Conductor Leads

Of course the proof is in the pudding! Here is a great clip provided by the Guitar Radio Show!
Please note: Planet Tone was formerly named Nico’s USA

To purchase Southern Heritage Humbuckers, click here.

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