About Us

Planet Tone. is story of invention and evolution.

Invention. Back in 2008, we saw the need for a premium pickup that sounded absolutely incredible but that was affordably priced. A pickup that possessed hand crafted premium custom tone at a price that most musicians could appreciate and respect.

The basis of our creations would be the highest quality magnets, wire and winding techniques. Our goal was not just to create another pickup but to re-invent the guitar pickup by studying the techniques used by our winding forefathers and improving on them any way possible. We realized anyone can put wire around magnets, not everyone could do it well. Our goal was not to just make a pickup well, but to master the trade.

Evolution. From our humble beginnings as Nico’s USA Pickups, Planet Tone has evolved to become one of the premier boutique winders in the world with tone that is simply unprecedented.

Our pickups are now sought out by the best luthiers and musicians alike.