1956 P90 Hot

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Handmade in the USA to order!!
Custom wound for a luscious pro P90 tone!
Handcrafted P90s begin at $60 each
Choose Neck, Bridge or add both for a Custom Calibrated Set

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The 1956 Hot P90 offers more mid range power than a traditional P90 for a thicker feel and response. Perfect for the guitarist who is looking for a little more power from their P90. The top end dynamics are still present but there is definitely more drive present when compared to a normal vintage P90.

Made with vintage enamel wire, you can expect warmth and extreme luscious tone. The pickup delivers vibrancy, warmth and a nice clean dynamic that you would expect from a vintage hand crafted pickup. Great for thick lead tone – especially at bridge.


  • Enamel Wire
  • Alnico V Magnets
  • Neck 8.5k
  • Bridge 10.0k
  • Wax Potted
  • 1 Conductor Braided Lead
  • Available in Soap Bar, Dog Ear or Humbucker sizes

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Weight .5 lbs

3 reviews for 1956 P90 Hot

  1. DONALD T. (verified owner)

    Got this for an LP Jr build. Don’t have a big budget, so I was surprised to come across these pickups, hand-built for a price I could actually afford! After getting everything put together and playing it for about a week now, I’m amazed at the quality of this pickup. It’s a P-90 hot with the A2 magnet. I got the neck pickup, cause I wanted something in the 8.5k range. This thing screams! In a good way…great string definition, cleans up really nice, and gets good tone with the tone control rolled down. This is now my “go to” guitar, and I plan on replacing the humbuckers in a couple of Les Pauls, and probably the single coils in my Strat copy with Planet Tone pickups. Many thanks for great pickups at fantastic prices!

  2. Shigeru (verified owner)

    My Epiphone Coronet Tamio Okuda model p-90 was so weak. I wanted to have more fat but with sastained tune. This alnico ll hot 90 bridge is what I was looking for.

  3. Bill Cole

    This is got to be the most natural organic sounding pickup I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing, you guys definitely get it. Top of the heap P-90’s plus great service cannot ask for more, Thanks so much Bill

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