1957 Humbucker

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Custom USA Handmade!
Made to your order!
ound for that 1957 warmth, clarity and tone!
Humbuckers begin at $65 each
Choose Neck, Bridge or add both for a Custom Calibrated Set


6 or 7 String Humbucker * 

Pickup Position * 

Humbucker Color * 

Note: 7 string comes in black only

Screw / Slug Color * 

Humbucker Lead Type * 

Bridge Pickup Spacing * 

Gibson 50 mm spacing is standard. Choose “F spaced” if your tremolo or bridge is 52-53mm.

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Our version of the classic PAF-type pickup. Wound with the right balance of highs, mids and bass response using period correct materials, including wire type, magnet, and spacing.

The neck is wound to just under 8k to provide the quintessential 50s tone. The Alnico II magnet ensures the right response and lasting vintage sustain for your instrument.

We use period correct plain enamel wire, just like Gibson used during this period and do not compromise on any detail to achieve 50s period-correct construction, quality, and tone.

Available in neck or bridge position.


  • Plain enamel wire
  • Alnico II magnets
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Neck Output Approx 7.9K
  • Bridge Output Approx 8.1K
  • Wax Potted

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Weight .5 lbs

13 reviews for 1957 Humbucker

  1. Bailey Custom Guitars (verified owner)

    Ordered one of the ’57’s to accompany a single coil. And the pickup wasn’t just well made. It was amazing in tone. Communication was outstanding. And delivery times were amazing fast.

    I have added this to my section for custom instruments. Look forward to more of these.

  2. Christopher Rich (verified owner)

    Thanks guys. Love the tone of these pups, particularly the Classic 50’s humbuckers. Output is just right and they really take well to my Fuchs ODS amp. They stay warm across the volume spectrum and overall are very musical. I like the Custom for Tele as well though I am having some problems with that guitar so I’m not ready to give it full eval, but initial impressions are that its a very transparent and true hot tele sound. Much better than the FCS Texas Special I had in there. Keep up the good work!

  3. Ronen Elkarif

    Clear vintage tone very balanced humbucker for those who looking for old school clean and driven sound this humbucker is just for you

  4. Morgan B. (verified owner)

    Great pickups. Tremendous clarity. Neck and bridge are both well balanced and compliment each other nicely. I can do metal, rock, blues, jazz, real country and praise all with these. Definitely worth the wait. Won’t be my last set of Planet Tone pup’s.

  5. Masakazu (verified owner)

    It is wonderful to attach to SG.

  6. Paul Erdman (verified owner)

    Low output goodness. They sound really really good

  7. Christopher Cordova (verified owner)

    Clarity is ridiculously good. Great mid punch

  8. Ronen E. (verified owner)

    Super clean and vintage tone highly recommended

  9. Todd Myrah (verified owner)

    Jose at Planet Tone continually comes through for me. Another awesome pickup that makes playing so much fun. Thanks again!

  10. Ian C. (verified owner)

    I’ve been playing for over 45 years and have cycled through over a hundred guitars. This is one of the very best sounding humbuckers ive ever had. Perfect balance – not so hot that sustain is compromised. It really sings.

  11. Tracy Michael (verified owner)

  12. Mark Williams (verified owner)

    This is PAF, simple as that.

  13. Roger Hanshaw (verified owner)

    I am shocked at the difference in clarity with the 57. I really didn’t think I would be able to tell without a side by side comparison between the 57 and stock carvin pickup. So very clear in comparison. I have replaced pickups in the past with big name brand pickups and the difference was minimal. I will tell anyone who will listen about planet tone pickups, especially the 57. Great job, great product, and the price is unbeatable. Also, the customer service is top notch.

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