1951 Original for Tele® – Bridge

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Custom USA Handmade!
Made to your order!!
Wound for an amazing bridge tone like no other!!
Singles are $65 each 

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Back in 1951, Leo Fender set out to make a versatile guitar with a fat sounding single coil. Something that had bite, growl and a big presence. His original recipe for his creation had a pickup that often measured just under 10k. We have created our version of that pickup in the spirit of what Leo had intended.

The result is a powerful Tele® bridge pickup that has a bigger and beefier tone, still warm, lots of punch and all that Leo had intended. The ’51 Original has a well focused and defined top end, great for clarity and articulation. The low end is very punchy but not anemic like so many of today’s Tele® bridges. It’s a nice vintage hot with a bigger, almost humbucker-like presence.

Designed for those who are looking for something with a nice powerful bark, not thin but not overly hot. Very warm and lush with a stronger mid range presence, this pickup is able to bring out the beast in your Tele®.

Great for blues, country, rock, alternative and heavier styles of play.


  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • 9.5K output
  • Enamel
  • Choose from Alnico III or V magnets
  • Hum Canceling with Planet Tone neck pickups
  • Wax Potted

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Weight .4 lbs

7 reviews for 1951 Original for Tele® – Bridge

  1. David DIlls (The Magpies blues Band Santa Cruz) (verified owner)

    This pick up does what it says it would.Its bigger has way more bottom in a good way. Hard to describe but a much sweeter midrange. Still twangs nicely when you dig in. Extremely responsive pick up.Hands down the best tele bridge pick up Ive ever used and over the years Ive tried about everything. Reasonably priced too. I’ll be ordering more of these.

  2. Chris S. (verified owner)

    Great fat sounding Tele pup. Was exactly what I was looking for.

  3. Masakazu (verified owner)

    It’s great with fat sounds! I am glad if there is a black thread on the bridge pickup.

  4. TOSHIYUKI T. (verified owner)

    Rear does not lose its telecaster likeness, and the sense of separation of the sound of each string is wonderful.
    The sound is bold, it is awesome and it is the best!
    The balance with the front P90 is also very good, half tone is also very good! I got a message after winding the bridge, I will wind up the front from now but should I cancel the noise? Thank you for asking!

  5. Kenneth Dills (verified owner)

    Just got it installed minutes ago. Sounds amazing. My guitar tech was very impressed too.

  6. Brian Richman (verified owner)

    Great sound definitely will buy again here is a link to a guitar I built using the pickup in the neck position https://youtu.be/o2fwdrMBzbk

  7. David Dills (verified owner)

    I can not live with out these tele bridge pick ups. The perfect balance of sparkle and sweet bottom end. It’s just bigger sounding. It can twang or rock depending on how you hit the strings. Outstanding pick up.

    Dave Dills
    The Magpies blues band.

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