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Love the tone of a beefed up Strat? Nice thick mids? You know who you are!

This set is rich in mid range to offer a bigger, beefier and more powerful Strat sound. The lows and highs are complimentary and eq’d to offer a nice full sound without being soupy or muddy.

While the tone is full, the dynamics are clear and articulate. Great for that fatter rock, alternative, metal and heavy blues tone!

Choose from Alnico II magnets for more sustain and a smoother response or Alnico V magnets for more drive and edge.

Set features:

  • Enamel Wire
  • Neck output: 6.8k
  • Middle output: 7.0k RW/RP
  • Bridge output: 7.5k
  • Alnico II or V Magnets

Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs


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