Blues Heritage Humbucker

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Custom USA Handmade!
Made to your order!!
Wound for warm & clear pure blues tone!
Handcrafted humbuckers begin at $65 each
Choose Neck, Bridge or add both for a Custom Calibrated Set

6 or 7 String Humbucker * 

Pickup Position * 

Humbucker Color * 

Note: 7 string comes in black only

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Bridge Pickup Spacing * 

Gibson 50 mm spacing is standard. Choose “F spaced” if your tremolo or bridge is 52-53mm.

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This pickup is designed to provide more mid-range drive from blues, rock and classic styles of play while offering a well-balanced blend of highs and punchy lows with a mid range that drives.

Think: Gary Moore, Albert King etc.

The Alnico V magnets provide warm presence with a balance to sustain for great attack and articulation. The highs are clear and well defined. The low end is tight, punchy and powerful for a nice bottom end for chord structure and lead work. The mid range is brought out for drive, attack and a slight bit more power.

The perfect pickup for a touch more power than a traditional PAF-type pickup.


  • Enamel Wire
  • Alnico V magnets
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Neck Output Approx. 7.5k
  • Bridge Output Approx. 8.5k
  • Wax Potted.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs

13 reviews for Blues Heritage Humbucker

  1. Mark Williams (verified owner)

    Easily one of my favorite bridge pickups and I have tried at least 20 plus different ones. This just does exactly what you would think he would do from its name.

  2. Kaleb M. (verified owner)

    Like burstbuckers but better. How are they better?… Clarity, clarity and clarity with Slightly more drive without being compressed. The neck pickup does that slightly chewy, bouncy thing we all love from a neck PAF and the bridge has that punchy muscular mid range we all love from a proper LP bridge pup. These pups rival anything I’ve ever played from $100-300, from Duncans to boutique. Put the in a LP where they were intended or in a Strat. You won’t be disappointed.

  3. Todd Myrah (verified owner)

    Another amazing pickup from my guy at Planet Tone!

  4. ray r. (verified owner)

    Love the tone of these pickups in my les paul.
    Has great clarity and cleans up nicely with the volume knob.

  5. Ricardo (verified owner)

    My Epi Les Paul is now complete. I tried the Dimarzio and Seymour D, for neck position but something was always missing. I now have a perfect balance with the JB bridge and Blues H. in neck. The other brands are good, but this pickup has magic, power with sensitivity and sounds dynamic. First pickup from this brand, it’s a killer sound.

  6. Todd Myrah (verified owner)

    This is hands down my favorite pickup! So much tone, so much mojo. I can’t be happier.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Wow does this pickup rock! Everything I play sounds so good with it. This one is truly magic.

  8. Peter Hughart (verified owner)

    very nice across the board

  9. Thomas H. (verified owner)

    I picked up a set of these after seeing Lucas Fowler review them on YouTube and I have to say that I am nothing less than impressed by these humbuckers. They have a great tonal range from clean to dirty and everything in between, but they sound best with just a little hair on ’em.

  10. Joshua R. (verified owner)

    These pickups are awesome. This is my 2nd set of Planer Tone pickups and the clarity is amazing. The bridge pickup has got a nice punch. I cant imagine me buying anything other than planet tone and the price is amazing. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on good pups but PT is by far the best.

  11. Mark Williams (verified owner)

    Man, this sounds just like you think it would. Fully recommend.

  12. Greg Walton (verified owner)

  13. Todd Myrah (verified owner)

    This is my go to pickup for all of my Humbucker equipped guitars. Absolutely love it!

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