DG Pickup for Strat®

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Handmade in the USA to order!!
Wound for power blues with a bridge like no other!
Singles are $40 each or Calibrated Sets for $110

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Our hottest and most versatile set capturing the essence of many genres of music including psychedelic blues and modern rock. This set delivers a fat yet clear tone. More mid range, slightly bigger bottom end and a bridge that will knock your socks off.

The Neck starts at 6.5k which means more mid range and a fat Strat® sound. The middle, reverse wound/reverse polarity (rw/rp) has an output of about 6.75k to calibrate the neck and provide a true robust tone here which makes it quite usable. The bridge is wound to about 12.5k, nice and hot but super clear in tone with warmth that is unprecedented. The 43 awg used at the bridge gives it a hot, big yet sparkling clear tone that can only be experienced.


  • Neck @ 6.5k
  • Middle RW/RP @ 6.75k
  • Bridge @ 13k
  • Alnico V Magnets
  • Cloth Push Back Leads
  • Heavy Formvar Wire
  • Mounting Screws
  • Installation Instructions
  • Wax Potted

Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs

6 reviews for DG Pickup for Strat®

  1. adriang (verified owner)

    Picked up some of these, and they are awesome. Been going ’round the traps’ with a CIJ Strat that was just not doing it for me. From stock I first tried some Lace Sensors complete with a custom wiring loom, and it still wasn’t ‘there’ for me. Got these after a recommendation online. Jose is really good to deal with, guiding me through a few points, including the fact that I’m a lefty and the poles needed to be staggered accordingly. And the pickups…well, I wanted a Pete Townsend sound, I’ve got it now.. If only I could play as well as he does..

  2. Kaleb M. (verified owner)

    Go listen to Gilmour… nuff said.

  3. Michael Chastain (verified owner)

    First of all I would like to say he quality and sound this pickup this pickup is as good as any on the market!! This was my first Planet Tone pickup but definitely not my last!! Thanks for the tone!!

  4. Jose Sanchez (verified owner)

    I bought the calibrated set for my parts caster, and I just need to tell everyone, stop buying anything else. Planettone pups are the ones to get. My next purchase will be the voodoos. I love my DG’s and they have the tone i was looking for.

  5. MICHAEL G. (verified owner)

    very articulate, nice high-end response without being brittle.

  6. Giovanni Paolillo (verified owner)

    Fantastic sounding pickups. Everything you want out of an overwound 50’s style single coil. Smooth sustain with balanced clarity and punchy output when needed. Very versatile tones. Will definitely be ordering more!

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