Elite Humbucker Series – Design Your Own Humbucker

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Handmade in the USA to order!!
Wound exactly to your specs!
Read the description below to design your own humbucker!
Custom handcrafted h
umbuckers begin at $60 each
Choose Neck, Bridge or add both for a Custom Calibrated Set

Pickup Model * 

Magnet Type * 

Pole Piece Screw Configuration * 

6 or 7 String Humbucker * 

Pickup Position * 

Humbucker Color * 

Note: 7 string comes in black only

Screw / Slug Color * 

Humbucker Lead Type * 

Bridge Pickup Spacing * 

Gibson 50 mm spacing is standard. Choose “F spaced” if your tremolo or bridge is 52-53mm.


The Elite Series Humbucker by Planet Tone. A humbucker for the next generation of tone lovers! Designed to offer warmth, growl and a super luscious top end. The pickup is extremely dynamic with a tonal response that is articulate and defining. It is for the player who loves vintage warmth but wants a modern response and articulation from their pickup.

Unlike most pickups and pickup manufacturers, we’ve allowed you to customize your humbucker to provide exactly the tone you wish. Choose the amount of drive vs. sustain by varying the strength of your magnet. Choose your mid range response by varying the output. Higher output means more mid range response. This allows you to cater your tone, especially at the bridge. Choose how much treble or top end response your humbucker offers by varying the design from a single pole piece design to double pole pieces. Each option slightly adjusts the tone of your pickup giving you the tonal response from your guitar that you desire.

All pickups pair very well with the Elite Classic at the Neck and any of the Elite Humbuckers at bridge. However, feel free to choose based on your desired tonal response.

Choose your Magnet:

  • Alnico II (80% Sustain / 20% Drive)
  • Alnico III (60% Sustain / 40% Drive)
  • Alnico IV (40% Sustain / 60% Drive)
  • Alnico V (20% Sustain / 80% Drive)

Choose your Output:

  • Elite Classic – Vintage Output – Minimal midrange response
    • Neck 7.6k
    • Bridge 8.5k
    • Traditional vintage response
  • Elite Pro – Vintage Overwound / Mildly Hot – Mild mid range response
    • Neck 8.0k
    • Bridge 10.5k
    • Vintage Hot feel, great for all applications
  • Elite Plus – Modern Rock Output – Moderate mid range response
    • Neck 9.3k
    • Bridge 12.5k
    • Great for vintage or modern versatility
    • Great option for those wanting a beefier bridge without an overpowering response
  • Elite Hot – Hot / High Output – Strong mid range response
    • Neck 9.8k
    • Bridge 15k
    • Strong mid range presence
    • Great for rock and harder rock styles, shred or alternative

Choose your Pole Piece configuration:

  • Single Pole Pieces – Traditional look and top end (treble) response
  • Double Pole Pieces – Double screw look at bobbins. Max top end (treble) response; ideal for hotter pickups


  • Natural Enamel Wire
  • Alnico II, III, IV or V magnets
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Neck or Bridge
  • Single or Double Pole Piece options available
  • Wax Potted

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs

9 reviews for Elite Humbucker Series – Design Your Own Humbucker

  1. Adam (verified owner)

    Bought 3 matched sets of Elite Humbucker Series, (Pro, Plus, and Hot) and all are exactly as described. Best value on the market! This started as a test, now Planet Tone is a first choice. As well the customer support is the TOP of the TOP! Thank you Jose!!!! Advise, direction, and support. Will be doing lots of business with Planet tone

  2. Lon S. (verified owner)

    Top notch sound at a great price.

  3. Raul (verified owner)

    Articulate tone and airy highs !

  4. Josh Hall (verified owner)

    Amazing customer service and amazing quality and tone for way less than the other well know pickup companies, I will be using Planet Tone exclusively and proudly

  5. Mark R. (verified owner)

    Great craftsmanship, super service and really nice sounding pickup. Can’t go wrong with these pickups. Added bonus – – HALF the price of the big name boutique pickups. I’ve used them all, and these are certainly on par with anything out there. I put one in a customer’s guitar, and a 1957 Humbucker in my custom Tele. Impressive.

  6. Donald Sloan (verified owner)

    Jose perfectly nailed the tone I was looking for with these pickups! Some people might think I was crazy to replace the expensive factory pickups in my PRS 245 but I guarantee these blew them away! I’m finally inspired to play that guitar again. I will definitely be ordering more of the Elite series pickups in the future!

  7. Francis G. (verified owner)

    Very versatile, goes from mellow to heavy… I’m extremely happy! Planet Tone is truly on top of their game!!!!!

  8. Roger Hanshaw (verified owner)

    I dropped this elite plus into my bridge with an alnico 2 magnet and it just sings. I have never been so blown away by a pickup swap. You owe it to yourself to give this company a try. Their work is fantastic. Customer service always responded within 30 min. Worth the wait for pickups this great. Thanks planet tone. Customer for life.

  9. Timothy Lobb (verified owner)

    Great clarity and tone.

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