Full Throttle Humbucker

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Handmade in the USA to order!!
Wound for a rich & full driving rock tone!
Handcrafted humbuckers begin at $65 each
Choose Neck, Bridge or add both for a Custom Calibrated Set

6 or 7 String Humbucker * 

Pickup Position * 

Humbucker Color * 

Note: 7 string comes in black only

Screw / Slug Color * 

Humbucker Lead Type * 

Bridge Pickup Spacing * 

Gibson 50 mm spacing is standard. Choose “F spaced” if your tremolo or bridge is 52-53mm.

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The Full Throttle Humbucker give you all you need and more… Designed for the guitarist who likes their humbucker with a touch extra mids to provide a full, big, meaty and robust tone. Thick yet rich. Meaty yet flavorful. Seasoned with mids but balanced and not muddy.

Perfect for the player who doesn’t want their humbucker to be bright and thin but rather full and dynamic.

Pickup is moderately hotter and is perfect for applications where a thicker or stronger presence of tone is desired. Great to help with cutting through the mix.

Great for all styles of music including blues, rock, heavy rock, punk and metal.

The pickups come with adjustable pole pieces and 2 or 4 conductor leads.


  • Enamel Wire
  • Alnico V magnets
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Neck Output Approx. 8.6k
  • Bridge Output Approx. 11.5k
  • Wax Potted

Sound Bytes

Sound Clip 1 – Bridge Clean
Sound Clip 2 – Neck Clean

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs

9 reviews for Full Throttle Humbucker

  1. Travis Ward

    Travis Ward from We Own Land here!! If your looking for all out balls in your sound the Full Throttle from Planet Tone delivers!! These pups just flat out ROCK! Nice beefy lows and perfect mids with no background noise. Throw it in the neck position and let your leads soar! Let Jose and the boys hand wind some of these bad boys for you today!

  2. Kaleb M. (verified owner)

    Meaty, with a bit of sting at the very top. Total JB killer without the mud and compression.

  3. Paul P (verified owner)

    I am totally blown away at how good these pickups sound. And a full set for a 1/3rd the price of all the other big name boutique guys to boot. Just Incredible.

  4. John Pulaski (verified owner)

    Best pickup I’ve ever used. Used to be a loyal JB user for 25 years. No more. Planet Tone all the way.

  5. ray r. (verified owner)

    I love how these sound in my Explorer, very articulate and has the right amount of grind. Great clarity and tone.
    Well done planet tone

  6. Charles Purter (verified owner)

    Put a Heritage Southern in the bridge pool of my Greco LP black beauty with a underwound Heritage blues in the neck. Plays better than the black beauty LP I had in 1982: bites, growls, and sings beautifully. Tonal champ, very flexible for ALL styles of music.
    Having a Full Throttle put in my mid 70s LP for the bridge position, it plays great already but am looking forward to the improvement.
    Great job Jose and all.
    Chuck Purter

  7. Donald Sloan (verified owner)

    Full Throttle is an accurate name! It is definitely full with just the right amount of aggression without being harsh. Really made my Charvel come alive!

  8. Greg Walton (verified owner)

  9. Adam Vidaurri (verified owner)

    I was looking for a bridge position hum bucker for my 60’s Heritage Re-Issue Les Paul that was high output but not over the top. I had a Seymour Duncan Distortion in it when I used to play in a Thrash/Death Metal band and that was great but now I’m playing more Hard Rock/ Blues in a band so i did not need that Super Distorted tone plus I have other guitars with EMG’s if I need to go that route. I tried a Dimarzio PAF and it was too light for my taste so I gave the Full Throttle Humbucker a shot and it didn’t disappoint. It gave me a nice rich tone that would clean up very nice but also when pushed hard would distort very well.
    I’m very pleased with this pickup its not muddy and I can hear every note.
    I play thru Marshalls JCM 800’s , 1 X 100w and 1 x 50w with 4 x 12 cabs that have celestion vintage 30’s.I would recommend this pickup for the player that wants a vintage hard rock sound that cleans up nice.

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