Planet Tone SSS Custom Loaded Pickguard Design Center

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Handmade and wired in the USA to order!!
See description below and design your custom pickguard today!
Custom Setups begin at $160

Planet Tone Pickup Set * 

Pickguard Color * 

Accessories Color (Covers/Knobs / Tip ) * 

Switching Options * 

Capacitor Type * 

Fender TBX Tone Control * 

Treble Bleed / Volume Mod

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Welcome to the Planet Tone Custom Shop! Here you can design your own prewired pickguard and we will professionally assemble and solder the components based on your specifications.

Please Note: Custom Delivery time of 2 weeks or longer depending on demand.

Information on the options available:

1. Planet Tone Pickup Choice

  • Choose amongst our large selection of Planet Tone hand crafted premium American pickups.

2. Pickguards

  • Fit 11 Hole American Standard Stratocasters from 1963 to Present.
  • Fit 11 Hole Mexican Standards Stratocasters from 2002 to Present

3. Accessories

  • Accessories = knobs and switch tip

4. Switching:

  • American –> CTS potentiometers, American switch
  • Metric –> Alpha potentiometers, alpha switch
  • 5 way switching
  • 7 way via mini toggle
  • 7 way via push/pull

Note: 7 way switching includes neck/bridge and neck/middle/bridge switching options plus standard 5 way switching options.

5 way and 7 way VTT assignments are as follows:

  • Volume = master volume
  • Tone 1 = neck
  • Tone 2 = middle & bridge

5. Capacitor Type 

The higher quality the capacitor the smoother and warmer the tone.

  • Poly Cap = Traditional
  • Orange Drop = Upgrade
  • Oil Filled = Best Choice
  • .047 caps = Used in Les Pauls etc.,allow more low end frequencies
  • .022 caps = Traditionally used in Strats®, allow less low end frequencies

6. TBX Tone Control

  • Fender TBX Tone Control = Treble Bass Expander at middle and bridge

7. Treble Bleed / Volume Mod

  • Treble Bleed / Volume Mod is used for minimizing volume or treble bleed when rolling back your volume.
  • As you roll back your volume your guitar retains more of the high end tones

Note: This mod can brighten your guitars tone overall by a very slight amount

8. Wire Type

  • Modern hook up wire = Used by Fender® today on standard guitars
  • Vintage Cloth push back wire = Used by Fender® Custom Shop

Note: Wire type has no effect on tone and is purely cosmetic.

9. Screws

  • Standard sized screws are used and available in black, gold and traditional steel.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs

13 reviews for Planet Tone SSS Custom Loaded Pickguard Design Center

  1. Roland Giles (verified owner)

    Absolutely LOVE the pickups! We purchased the 59 overwound loaded pickguard and the American Metal loaded pickguard and are blown away! The 59s sound so full with plenty of kick. The American Metal will rip your face off but can also clean right up. These are some of the nicest single coils I have ever heard. We like them so much that planet tone pickups will be in all of our production guitars. They are that good. Jose and Company really knows their stuff and the prices can’t be beat. Top quality stuff with very personal service. Thanks so much Jose from everybody at Giles USA guitars. Anthony Palumbo, head builder Giles USA.

  2. Brandan (verified owner)


  3. VINCENZO (verified owner)

    Great sound and perfect assembly. Killer tone in any position. Great deal!

  4. Brian (verified owner)

    Amazing clarity. Look and sound amazing. Would recommend to anyone looking to upgrade their sound without breaking the bank.

  5. Donald Cahill (verified owner)

    Replace my stock 2004 American Standard Strat pickups with 59 overwound. Bright, glassy bell tone. Clear vintage tone with brilliant note to note separation. Definitively an upgrade.

  6. Jeremy Smith (verified owner)

    The quality of the product is amazing and the service you provide is top notch, I will be recommending you to many of my guitar playing friends and will certainly use Planet Tone in the future.

  7. Winston Edmonds (verified owner)

    The sound is incredible. The work was done so well all pick up companies should worry. I’ve got a 1951 tele bridge on the way. Many thanks to these guys.

  8. Derek (verified owner)

    Great company to work with. I received everything I asked for, and more. The loaded pick guard was built as I requested and the pickups are exactly as advertised. Made period correct and sound period correct. Great vintage tone! I put the 63-65s in a brand new American Professional Strat and it sounds amazing. Thank you, Planet Tone.

  9. Alexander Mollo (verified owner)

    Planet tone help you build and customise your sound without a heavy price tag!

  10. James (verified owner)

    Awesome pickups. Now I’m getting some Humbuckers.

  11. Joe G. (verified owner)

    Absolutely killer pickups for the price

  12. Benjamin P. (verified owner)

    Amazing sound and clarity from the voodoo 69 pick ups. Very clean and professional wiring/soldering of the entire pickguard. Love the tbx tone control as well. You guys did an amazing job at a good price! Thanks for everything!

  13. John Zarvis (verified owner)

    1969 voodoos. 👍 full and chimey

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