Tone Samples

1957 PAF-Style Humbuckers Demo by Julian Sas

1957 PAF-Style Humbucker Demo by Tinsley Ellis – Estero Noche from the release Red Clay Soul

Sanctorum Humbucker Demo by Steve Stine

Blues Heritage Humbucker Demo by Julian Sas

Aggressor Humbucker Demo by Steve Cone

Custom 60s Alnico II Pickups for Strat® Demo by Julian Sas

Custom 50s Alnico II Pickups for Strat demo by Bernie Torme – Into the Sun from the release Blackheart

1956-57 Pickups for Strat® and Elite Classic Humbucker Demo by Bryan Chung

Elite Pro for Strat® Demo by Scott Abene

Elite Pro for Strat® Demo and Review by Lucas Fowler

1969 Voodoo for Strat® Demo and Review by Mark Daven of the Guitar Radio Show

1956-57 Pickups for Strat® demo by Pietro Amoretti