Handmade American Pickups

Planet Tone features boutique handcrafted American pickups. Each pickup is carefully handmade to order by expert craftsman in Commerce City, Colorado, USA.


Premium Humbuckers

Hand crafted to yield the finest American tone. Our humbuckers are perfectly matched and offer our signature Prestige warm tone.

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American Single Coils

Made to offer the iconic and signature tone Strat® and Tele® guitars are known for. No matter your prefered pickup, you are guaranteed the best in tone.

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Precision Crafted P90s

Our pickups are crafted to growl like a high quality P90 should. Thick, meaty tone that is clear, warm and hi - fidelity. Simpy unparalleled.

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Custom Pickguards

You dream it, we make it. Expert soldered American made loaded prewired pickguards, fully custom to your specifications.

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The Evolution of Planet Tone

Re-Defining Boutique Pickups

Starting in 2008…

Our mission: Create pickups that offer the best tone available. From our humble beginnings in a small shop, we have evolved to deliver great tone to some of the finest artists in the industry today.

Quality and Tone Second to None

Our goal has always been to make a pickup that is the best available on the market today in craftsmanship, tonal quality and value.

Featured on these great shows!

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The 1957 Classic ’50s Humbucker

Vintage. Warmth. Grit. Growl.
Our version of the famous PAF-style humbucker.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are your pickups made?

Planet Tone hand crafts all their premium pickups in Commerce City, Colorado, USA.

Planet Tone: Boutique or Production?

While we may appear to be a very large production company, we are a boutique winder with a new philosophy on winding. Boutique quality at real prices.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship to all locations worldwide. For larger orders, request a custom shipping quote.

Do you make custom pickups?

Yes! Have a unique tone or configuration in mind? Contact us, and we will bring your special creation to reality!

What is the best way to choose a pickup?

So many choices! So many tones! We can help guide you to pick out the best tone possible for your playing style. Send us an email or call today!

How long does it take to get my pickups?

All pickups are made to order. On average about 1-2 weeks or less. However, we strive to get your order out as quickly as possible.

Are you ready to experience tone?

Tired of your stock pickups? Or perhaps you are not satisfied with your current tone. Let us provide you with the best tone possible. Call or email today.

Planet Tone News

The latest tone tips, product news and info about our artists.

The Sanctorum Humbucker: Tonal Domination

Designed to provide shredders with articulation and power, the Sanctorum has quickly become a favorite amongst musicians from all types of genres. It is an extremely versatile pickup offering dynamics, a lush top end, punchy bottom end with a good mid-range boost. The pickup, or a variation of it, is used by a lot of […]

Behind the Earth Pounding Riffs of Kent Stump and Wo Fat

We are excited to have caught up with Kent Stump, guitarist and mind behind the earth-pounding riffs of doom Wo Fat are known for. Kent, whether in the studio mixing, recording or on the road, is always very busy. So, we are very thankful for the time he took to share his thoughts on Wo […]

Planet Tone Blues Heritage Humbucker Road Test by Julian Sas

The Blues Heritage humbucker by Planet Tone is a blues and rock players dream! The pickups are fueled by a passion for the blues and the tone that our heroes made famous! Giving tribute to greats like Albert King and Gary Moore, the Blues Heritage is a super warm, punchy, clear and dynamic pickup that […]

“Terra Solus”: Mark Sayer and Sergeant Thunderhoof’s Third Dose of Psychedelic Tinged Heavy Grooves

Some of the best rock and fuzz is being laid down by incredible bands all over the globe. Sergeant Thunderhoof is at the fore front of this movement, leading out in this effort of moving fuzz forward as they eye the release of their third studio album, “Terra Solus”. As they are in the midst […]